Corporate Training

Superior learning in the workplace.

Corporate training in virtual reality is the next great frontier in organizational learning. It is an effective new way of training employees, and its potential is limitless. Employees learn new skills and ideas through hands-on virtual experience. Experience becomes the best teacher as reams of text become compelling learning. Diversity training today requires employees to spend hours listening to the concerns of minorities and disabled workers. In virtual reality, employees step into someone else's shoes and see what it really feels like- in ten minutes. OSHA guidelines are entered and explored- not merely tolerated. A corporate orientation now becomes an exploration of a corporate kingdom, disseminating values, strategies, and goals.

Training in virtual reality replaces day-long classroom instruction and hours of point-and-click computer-based training (CBT) programs with tutorials conducted in worker downtime, saving money, boosting retention, and seamlessly integrating training into the workplace. Virtual reality-based training is self-guided, and employees have control over the learning environment. Their training becomes individualized as they seek out information and virtual experiences most relevant to them. Retention rates improve by bestowing an exciting new significance on training. Virtual reality allows trainees to practice new skills as they would use them in a real-life situation.

Virtual reality training programs are also seamlessly integrated into the work environment, used as either stand-alone training programs or as a supplement to existing training. Because it is based on the same PC's in the workplace, everyone is already familiar with the underlying technology, eliminating confusion and service problems.

Choices in training methodology have a large effect on the quality of employees learning. If you present them with run-of-the-mill training techniques, they will reward you with run-of-the-mill efforts. On the other hand, if you give them an innovative, stimulating way to learn, a new way to explore their work, they will give you innovative, stimulating results. There is no better way to encourage each employee to maximize their potential than by allowing them creative learning access to virtual reality, the world's most advanced, exciting, and easiest to use technology. 

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