Manufacturing Training

Making production more efficient.

Virtual reality-based training is the world's most advanced method of teaching manufacturing skills and processes to employees. Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, training takes place in a realistic, simulated version of the actual facility, complete with the actions, sights, and sounds of the plant floor.

Because optimal training occurs when each employees is allowed complete access to the entire facility, virtual reality-based manufacturing training duplicates an entire continuous manufacturing process, giving each trainee their own factory to learn in.   All plant employees are able to practice existing and new tasks in safe, simulated environment, and see the "big picture-" how a product takes shape as it moves through the manufacturing system.

By giving employees repeated exposure of their operating environment, they become acutely more aware of the methodology, equipment, structure, and goals of the manufacturing process. Training in a virtual reality version of the plant not only familiarizes employees with individual responsibilities, but the entire facility, providing them with an excellent understanding of how they fit into the entire process, greatly improving the overall efficiency of the plant. Any process can be replicated, creating a superior environment for employees to understand manufacturing processes and issues.

Learning in virtual reality greatly adds value to the manufacturing process by making current facilities more efficient. Using virtual reality technology in the manufacturing process has been shown to improve the bottom line in quality, safety, and overall cost-efficiency. Nearly every major study conducted by the U.S. government and private industry show that both hard and soft skills are transferred at a faster rate in virtual reality, at a more sophisticated level of learning, and at a reduced price.

Virtual reality training is designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing training programs at a variety of levels, from orientation to an on-the job learning reference. The custom made programs are modularly designed, providing for a great deal of flexibility in implementing virtual reality-based training, as well as planning for future expansion. Because SUNRISE virtual reality technology is based on off-the-shelf PCs, everyone is already familiar with the technology, eliminating confusion and service problems.

An automobile manufacturing station in virtual reality

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