Safety Training

Virtual accidents- not real ones.

In virtual reality, safety training truly comes alive. Occupational Hazards Journal stated "high-fidelity VR simulations for occupational health and safety applications have the potential to revolutionize the way computers are used in the profession." Most corporations still rely on the difficult to read Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to comply with federally required safety training. The complicated writing style, organization, tiny print, and few illustrations often leave workers confused and bored.

In virtual reality, employees experience first-hand the inherent dangers of their working environment and how to react to them. They are able see the potential consequences of poor planning, failing to follow proper procedures, or rushing a process. Trainees are taken through their workplace hazards where they see holes in the flooring and shaky ladders, and hear the construction sounds of the manufacturing floor in three-dimensional sound. A simple fire drill takes on a new, added sense of importance as employees evacuate the virtual plant in a variety of situations. Additionally, trainees can even experience such sensations as falling, injury by machine, chemical exposure, and even death. The shock value in such a safety program will make the lesson a memorable one.

Virtual reality allows trainees "hands on" experience in a safe and controlled environment. Employees are able to explore the outcomes of their decisions without risk to themselves or equipment. They are able to visualize what can't be visualized: degrees of risk, temperature, air quality, chemical exposure levels- and see their effects.Virtual reality-based safety training is also very cost effective. It is delivered in the actual workplace on the same PC's already installed. Employees are able to train over and over during down time, as standardization and repeatability are important in achieving consistently high results. Because virtual reality safety tutorials are designed modularly, modifications are easily made as workplace situations change.

Operating equipment in virtual reality

Virtual safety goggles

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