Law Enforcement

Second only to real life.

Virtual reality offers a powerful, realistic, and cost-effective way to train law enforcement officers. Officers and trainees are placed in simulated environments that look and feel like a real-world situation. Instead of looking at pictures of enforcement scenarios or watching videotape, trainees become immersed in compelling situations where they must take actions identical to real world situations.

In virtual reality-based law enforcement training, officers encounter events ranging from the routine occurrence to rare emergency. It allows the trainee to experience and develop effective responses for situations they would otherwise have no opportunity to practice until they happen to encounter them in real life. Virtual reality-based training can even surpass real life as a training tool when intangibles such as risk and danger can be seen visually for the first time.

Virtual locales and simulations provide officers with a unique opportunity to comprehend and gain valuable working experience in their operating environment. Virtual reality is the most effective way to teach such skills because any task, procedure, or process can be recreated in the virtual world, allowing trainees to practice over and over, risk free. Members of a law enforcement organization learn how units intend to achieve goals through visualizing and practicing strategies in hundreds of situations.

Virtual reality is uniquely suited for law enforcement training. The U.S. military has long used it to train military personnel and has found that, as a training tool, is second only to real life experience. These advanced training methods are now being extended to assist law enforcement organizations on a cost-effective basis, affordable for even the smallest of departments.

An officer practices entering a building in virtual reality

Officers learn the layout of their operating environment

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