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Using virtual reality in schools is changing the nature and course of how children learn. No longer do students sit idly by- the opportunity is here to provide them with an unprecedented chance to explore their coursework like never before.



A physics class is able to experiment in a simulated virtual reality physics lab in which they control the properties of all the objects, observe them from any angle, and communicate with other students immersed in virtual reality.

Meanwhile, in another part of the school, students in a social studies class use it to immerse themselves in a recreation of the Battle of 1812. Mathematics students place themselves inside of an equation. English students tour Shakespeare's Globe Theater as it existed centuries ago, and so on.

Virtual reality puts students inside of their subjects. From their own point-of-view, students have their own self-guided personal experience with their studies. They step inside (literally) of Independence Hall (in 1787) while studying the Constitution. They travel through a computer to learn how it operates. They become a part of what they’re learning, which can happen only in virtual reality.


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A student uses VR in the classroom


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