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Virtual reality learning helps to extend school boundaries in an economical manner. Schools that could not afford “luxuries” like science and language labs now see students experimenting and exploring in VR labs at a fraction of the cost. Because VR is based on the same PCs already in schools, it is within the means of every school to greatly increase student achievement.


SUNRISE is proud to introduce Virtual Reality to schools around the world.  Your students will use VR, excited about school as never before: you will see it first hand.  Teachers and administrators meet with SUNRISE to discuss strategies to bring VR to your school.  We’ll discuss a range of issues from funding and curriculum to professional development and evaluation.


SUNRISE Schools: Overview

  • VR is completely PC-based

  • Low cost VR headsets, tracking, and gloves are used

  • VR software is installed directly onto school computers

  • New programs are available periodically

As with all academic processes, virtual reality learning must be planned and managed.  Below are resources for administrators.


Virtual Reality and School Administration

This white paper is a brief introduction to administrative issues.  It includes topics such as planning, parents, safety, and tech support.


Administration: Writing the Grant

Often, grants are necessary for schools to obtain VR systems.  This document is a guide to writing a grant.


Sample Grant

This document is a sample grant designed to inspire ideas about writing the grant.

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