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Setting up virtual reality systems in your school is a simple and straightforward process.

  • VR is completely PC-based

  • Low cost VR headsets, tracking, and gloves are used

  • VR software is installed directly onto school computers

  • New programs will be released regularly


Virtual Reality Workstations

A virtual reality workstation consists of a personal computer, VR headset, and VR glove.  Systems are be used in classrooms, libraries, computer labs, or virtual reality labs.


Virtual Reality Software

VR software is specially built for use with VR equipment and is installed directly onto school computers.  VR programs are flexible, used as a primary learning resource, supplement to classroom learning, or student study aid. Instructors are able to easily integrate VR programs into learning objectives.



Virtual Reality Options

Where to put VR learning in the school?  This PDF chart shows some of the options.


The Virtual Reality Lab

The VR lab is similar to existing computer and language labs. The biology class where students are learning cell structure is supplemented by a trip to the Virtual Reality Lab where students enter and explore a human cell.  This white paper explains the VR lab in detail.


Virtual Reality Hardware Requirements

VR is based on off-the-shelf PCs.  Most recently purchased PCs already in schools are able to run VR.  This PDF provides detailed system requirements.


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