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Virtual reality (VR), the world’s most advanced learning technology, is an innovative new way to teach and engage your students.  It allows students to step through the computer screen into 3-D, interactive worlds. By putting on a special headset and glove, students enter a world of educational adventure.


VR labs extend school boundaries in an economical manner. Schools that could not afford “luxuries” like science and language labs now see students experimenting and exploring in VR labs at a fraction of the cost. Because VR is based on the same PCs already in schools, it is within the means of every school to greatly increase student achievement.


As all educators know, information is the foundation.  Below are white papers, journal articles, and magazine articles about virtual reality in education.


Educator’s Guide to Learning in Virtual Reality  
This SUNRISE white paper is an ideal starting point and comprehensive introduction to using virtual reality in schools.


SUNRISE Presentation, TechEd Conference, Chicago  
This presentation outlines how schools are using virtual reality and why it is effective as a learning tool.


Technological Horizons In Education Journal Article on Virtual Reality in Education  
This journal article details a Pilot study of virtual reality in the Chicago Public Schools.


Technological Horizons In Education Journal Editorial on SUNRISE
This editorial explains how schools can take advantage of virtual reality.


The Educational Uses of Virtual Reality  
This report is perhaps the most comprehensive survey of virtual reality and education ever written.  Developed by Christine Youngblut and the Institute for Defense Analyses.


VR in the Schools  
Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory

School of Education, East Carolina University

VR in the Schools is a quarterly publication of the Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory.  Edited by Dr. Lawrence Auld and Dr. Veronica Pantelidis



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