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Virtual reality is learning without boundaries.


Students are able to have experiences they could not ordinarily have in the classroom. VR puts students inside of their subjects. They step inside of Independence Hall in 1787 while studying the Constitution. They travel through a computer to learn how it operates. They explore the inside of a human cell. They become a part of what they are learning– this is the magic of virtual reality.
Inexpensive VR programs are designed to meet specific state objectives and are easily integrated into any curriculum. A complete library of VR learning programs is available to use in each classroom in the school.  VR helps to educate, clarify, and reinforce each subject studied. Concepts now make immediate sense to students when students become a part of them, interacting with the subject matter first-hand.


Teacher guides and learning materials are used in combination with VR programs, providing a bridge into the traditional classroom. Guides, questions, and “see and do” lists help focus students on content and guide “post-VR” classroom discussions.


Virtual Geography: African Expedition

African Expedition is a descent into a virtual world of jungles, deserts, and cities to learn the geography of the African continent.  Students are able to fly over the world’s most exotic continent.


Art History: A Journey Through Time

Art History: A Journey Through Time is an interactive virtual timeline that shows how art has developed from early human history to the present.  From the first works of Cave Art ever discovered to today’s modern art, art acts as windows to time and place.  Students are able to walk across time to see how art has developed over the last 15,000 years.


Virtual Chicago

In Virtual Chicago students explore the development of modern architecture by flying over Chicago, the capital of modern architecture. Chicago is the city that gave the world its first skyscraper and became the site of the most innovative buildings on earth. From historic landmark buildings to today’s masterpieces, the city is a living museum of architecture.  For the first time, students are able to soar over it all.


The Virtual Constitution: Colonial Life

The Virtual Constitution: Colonial Life is part of the Virtual Constitution series in which students witness and experience the birth of the United States.  Students are able to get a glimpse of what life was like in the 13 Colonies by trekking through the young nation from Massachusetts to Georgia.  In Colonial Life, students understand the importance of the constitution by experiencing the disarray of colonial life with arguments between states, weak government, and unstable currencies.


Ancient Egyptian Structures

Egyptian Civilization: Structures is the first part of the virtual reality series on Ancient Egypt that allows students to go back into the foggy recesses of time into the dawn of human society. For the first time, students can fly through Egypt, the jewel of the ancient world.  They experience first-hand the brilliance of Egyptian style, the grandeur of the Great Pyramid, and the majesty of the sphinx.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater was designed as a new educational resource that addresses fundamental problems with student knowledge of reading Shakespeare’s plays.  The place is London, England and the year is 1599.  The program takes place inside the Globe Theater on the legendary River Themes where William Shakespeare’s famous plays were performed.


Solar System Explorer

Virtual reality is a radical new way for students to experience the universe.  The Solar System Explorer brings trillions of square miles into the classroom to help students better comprehend the earth and our neighboring planets.  Students hurdle through space to discover the mysteries of our solar system from the scorching surface of the sun to the cold netherworld of Pluto.  They experience each planet in larger than life 3-D, and come into contact with all of the wonders of our Solar System.


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